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    Our Love Story | Part Three | A Summer of Dating

    Our Love Story

    Need to catch up? How We Met | How We Started Dating

    And so, we were dating. And it was wonderful.

    Two side-notes before I write about our fun-filled summer: One, at the beginning of June I had quit my job. I loved the job I had, and the skills I learned there were really the springboard to all the other jobs I’ve had since, but as the time went on, I felt burnt out and needed to step back and focus on me for a while. Looking back, I feel like this was at least partly inspired, because Kyle and I were able to spend a lot of time together that summer, really solidifying our relationship. Two, I was still writing my missionary.

    A Summer of Dating

    Back to our story, Kyle and I spent every minute we could together. I was jobless, but applying for jobs all around campus. Kyle was working two jobs at the time so we really only had a few hours in the afternoon together, along with Sundays.

    Our first date as a couple was to the Strawberry Days Fair in Pleasant Grove, with his brother and his brother’s girlfriend. That would have been the Friday or Saturday after we decided to start dating (which was a Wednesday). It was also the first time we held hands! 🙂 Kyle grabbed my hand as we were walking from the car to the fairgrounds.

    The night of the 4th of July (we started dating the 17th of June) was our first kiss. I hadn’t kissed anyone in about a year (since my missionary left), and I was really nervous. Kyle had hinted that he wanted to kiss me before, and I suppose I just wasn’t ready. But after a fun day full of barbecues and fireworks, we kissed on my doorstep.

    A Summer of Dating

    A few weeks later on the the 23rd of July we exchanged the words “I love you”, as a couple. We were sitting on my couch that night, after watching The Wedding Planner, and Kyle looked over at me and said, “I love you” to which I replied, “Me, too.” Kyle still loves to tease me about that!

    About a week after that, I made the hard decision to write off my missionary. This whole process should really be the subject of it’s own blog post, but long story short: I knew I needed to make a decision. And I chose Kyle.

    A Summer of Dating

    Then on the 10th of August, we went on a date to Rock Canyon Park in Provo, where they showed Ten Little Indians on an inflatable screen. Before the movie started, we took a walk down to the Provo Temple and just talked as we strolled around the grounds, we talked about getting married. And if you’re trying to count, yes, we had been dating less than two months. And yes, we felt great about it.

    And on the 28th of August, my 20th birthday, Kyle surprised me by taking me ring shopping. And he also took me to Tucanos (a brazilian grill) AND he threw me a surprise party (that involved a pinata) AND made me a cake from scratch. That guy, I tell ya. He’s a keeper.

    Oh my, there really isn’t anything like young love, am I right? It’s the best feeling in the world.

    Next up? The proposal of course!