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New Momma Gift Basket Tutorial

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New Momma Gift Basket

When you’re a first time mom, everyone is happy to tell you what to expect during pregnancy and labor and delivery, and let’s face it, it’s usually the horror stories that are told first. (Thank you everyone. Not.) But what we don’t share about as much, is what happens during the postpartum stage. Likewise, we give the parents things for the new baby (needed and appreciated!) but don’t always think about what the mom needs. I mean, after 9 months of growing a baby, and who-knows how long of laboring, that momma deserves some things for herself!

A good friend of mine is due this week with her rainbow, miracle baby. After years of infertility, and a handful of miscarriages, this sweet baby boy is on his way. I got the idea to put together a new momma gift basket to send to her, and wanted to share it’s contents with you, to give you an idea of what you can do for your own momma friends who are expecting a baby – whether it be their first or fifth!

New Momma Gift Basket

New Momma Gift Basket


A cute water bottle or cup.

I know that we are all obsessed with our hospital mugs (can I get an AMEN?), but I love cute cups like this too. I am always so thirsty after I give birth, plus if you’re breastfeeding, you’re going to need water, water, water! This way you can keep your hospital mug by your bed, and this cup in the living room, or vice versa 🙂

Epsom salts.

I only heard about this after I had healed, but sitz baths, or just baths in general, with epsom salts, can help the healing process down under go quicker and smoother, something I am all for! Plus, this gives the new momma an excuse to relax. “Excuse me honey, I need to go bathe my vagina because I just pushed out an 8 pound baby and tore. So take care of this baby for me, kthanks.” 😉

Preparation H® Medicated Wipes.

Here’s the thing: after birth, you’ll get hemorrhoids. I mean, you probably had them during pregnancy, but postpartum ones are worse. Sorry. BUT the good news is that Preparation H® offers fantastic (and I do mean fantastic) medicated wipes (as well as medicated wipes for women!). Both kinds work beautifully for soothing your whole down-under area. They cool, they soothe, and just make you feel better all around. Plus they are so convenient to use! They are the perfect solution to this new and challenging postpartum period. Period. For effective relief, add Medicated Wipes to your regimen to cool, soothe and cleanse before you treat. Preparation H® Medicated Wipes for Women are the first and only women’s hemorrhoid wipes infused with chamomile, aloe and refreshing cucumber, plus a soothing medication that cools on contact. (Please be sure to refer to product packaging and use as directed!)

New Momma Gift Basket

Chapstick, face mask, lotion.

Because a momma deserves to be pampered.


Because every mom needs chocolate and/or their favorite treat.

I hope you enjoyed reading through the ideas of what to put into a new momma gift basket! I’m mailing mine out to my sweet friend, but if you’re close by you could put it all together in a cute little carry all. You could also include other things like a magazine or book, fuzzy socks, a gift card… The possibilities are really endless! And I know that any new momma will appreciate whatever you bring for her. She might even let you snuggle her sweet babe 😉

New Momma Gift Basket

I bought all of the above mentioned items at my local Walmart. The Preparation H® products can be found in the pharmacy/personal care aisles, by products used to relieve upset stomach (and other related symptoms/problem areas). When I sent my husband to the store to pick up more after my last baby was born, he couldn’t them and I was so sad (and hurting, ha). So, now you know where to go! Or, need to purchase the wipes online? Go here!

New Momma Gift Basket

I hope you enjoyed this and that it helps you! Would you include anything else? Let me know!

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  • Chelsea Johnson

    These are such great ideas! I especially love the cute cup!