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    Mom Day Conf Recap

    As you probably know, back in June I was able to attend Momday with my best friend Dani. Momday is hosted by two of the cutest girls ever, Jess of Positively Oakes and Dani from Dani Marie, and it was such a blast. Jess and Dani have put together an event where women can come, befriend each other, be inspired, eat delicious food, and be pampered and stretch their creative muscles a little bit. You can read more about Momday on their website, and be sure to follow along on their Instagram as well.

    The speakers at Momday were all phenomenal: Jenica Parcell, Julie and Kristin from RubyClaire Boutique, Michelle Money, a sweet gal from JuJuBe who’s name I didn’t catch, Jen Jurca, and Sadie Jane Sabin. The overall theme of the conference was to learn to love yourself, and your story. I can’t even begin to do the messages I heard justice, but I wanted to share a few of the notes I wrote down during the conference, in the hopes that you’ll find a little inspiration, too.

    • Wisdom: is to see the miraculous in the common.
    • Mindfulness: is to be focused on what you are doing.
    • Meditation = Mindfulness
    • You deserve to be free of fear.
    • Love conquers and heals all — I can heal myself by loving myself.
    • Self-care has everything to do with motherhood.
    • Emotions are just visitors.
    • The MONEY Method: Mind your own business, Own your truth, Now is where your power is, Every single thought matters, You choose happiness.
    • Happy Mom: Have hope, Always be mindful, Plan, Pause, You are blessed – notice it. Magnify strengths, On point with values, Make a positive impact.
    • Don’t forget to thank yourself, your body.
    • You can’t have envy and gratitude at the same time.
    • No more I can’t — switch to I CAN.
    • No more I don’t know — switch to I don’t know YET.
    • No more I’ll try — because you either did or you didn’t — I did it, but I can do it again better tomorrow.
    • Above all — live presently.

    Obviously these little bullet points can’t and don’t go into detail about the amazing stories and messages that were shared, but I hope they help you feel what an amazing, positive, and uplifting event Momday was. I walked out of there super pumped to be a better mom, a better wife, a better person, a better me.

    But not only did we get to be uplifted and inspired by the amazing women who spoke to us, but we were pampered, too. Snacks and dinner was provided, and after the speaker portion had ended, there were giveaways galore, and then a wonderful pamper night that included sodas, baked goods, floral arranging, making your own lotion or scrub, making a headband, a photo booth, a slow-mo video booth, and more! Dani and I walked around and did most of the different booths together, and then she had to leave (she was in the middle of moving that weekend!) but I decided to stay and do a few more booths by myself. While in line for the floral arranging, I struck up a conversation with an awesome gal named Anna, and I ended up hanging out with her and her sisters the rest of the night – and we even found out we had a mutual friend! Small world, isn’t it? We also received the best swag bags, which just really sealed the deal. Everyone loves free stuff!


    If you’re in the Utah area, and are looking for a break, for a day out to reconnect with yourself, and get motivated, I highly recommend going to the next one, I hope I can! The tickets were $50 (but I got mine on an early bird sale for $40) and go quick, so be sure to follow them on Instagram to learn when the next tickets go on sale! (The Be Ready JuJuBe bag we all received retails for $40, so that was worth my whole ticket right there!) Dani and Jess have just really tried to make this a fun, affordable, and amazing day for moms and they succeeded in every way.