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    What’s In My Bag | Plane Ride + Ann Medeline Review

    Hey guys! I was finally able to get around to filming a review of my Ann Medeline bag! I knew as soon as I received this bag that I wanted to do a video review so I could show you all of the awesome features that I wouldn’t be able to capture on camera via regular photos. The video was supposed to also show you what I’m packing for our plane ride to Florida, but I didn’t get it all the way packed before I filmed the video (had to get it done while kids were napping on a day that I had actually gotten ready, ha!), so I filmed another quick video that I’ll post below the review.

    As you guys can tell from the video, I love this bag. It’s a great size for a carry-on. Right now I feel like it is a big too big for me to carry as my regular day-to-day bag, but I know when I have baby #3 (not an announcement!) that it will be a great size to carry around stuff for a newborn and two other little ones. Plus the backpack straps!!! All the heart eyes emojis.

    Guys, we are so excited for our trip to Florida! It has been one of the worst winters, and we are anxious to get away for a fun (and sun!) filled vacation. However, flying with two toddlers is not going to be the easiest thing in the world. I’ve flown with Abe before a handful of times, and it’s always gone really well, so I have high hopes that with two toddlers and two adults, with the prep I’ve done, will go well as well. (Did ya catch that?) The thing I’m most nervous about is all the crap we have to take into the airport, ha, so hopefully checking our bags goes smoothly. I mean, really, we’re going to have at least one suitcase, a pack n play, 2 convertible carseats, a double stroller, my diaper bag, and Abe’s little backpack…. And two kids. So. We’re going to look awesome 😉

    Alright, as I mentioned above, here’s the video of what I’ve packed in my Ann Medeline for the flight(s). Let me know if you have any questions! Or any suggestions! Or any comments like, “you’re crazy” 🙂 Again, we’re so excited!!!! And I can’t wait to share all about our trip with you when we get back.