Baby #3, Family and Friends

That’s No Moon

That's No Moon

That’s no moon….. It’s a baby!

Baby Hanson #3 is due May 21, 2018.

If you’re a dedicated reader of MLS (are there any, any more?) you’ve probably noticed that this past month or so I’ve been less than stellar at publishing blog posts. I had some sponsored posts I was committed to, but other than those, I didn’t post. And now, you know the main reason why! We’ve been in survival mode over here while I’ve been struggling with morning sickness and utter exhaustion.

A few details….

Due date is May 21, 2018 (but that might change since I have a dating ultrasound tomorrow!).

I’m currently 11 weeks along.

We’re not finding out the gender until birth.

This sweet baby was planned (are we crazy?), and took us 6 months to conceive.

That's No Moon

Today was our second doctor’s appointment, and we were finally able to see our sweet baby, since s/he hid from us at our 8 week appointment. My uterus was measuring small though, so I do have an ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow afternoon to measure baby and see if we need to adjust my due date or if anything else might be happening. My doctor wasn’t concerned, but wanted to do one to be safe. But, like I said, we did get to see our baby on the portable ultrasound machine today, which was so fun. They were moving all around, we saw the flicker of the heartbeat, and heard the heartbeat, too!

I wouldn’t be surprised if my due date does end up being pushed back a week or two, because my cycles were about a week longer than the regular 28 day cycle, which means I could have ovulated later, plus my morning sickness started later with this pregnancy than my other two (but would actually be right on track if my due date is moved), plus the fact we weren’t able to see baby at our 8 week ultrasound… It would all make sense to me. (Although the fact that I would have to repeat a week or two is crummy, ha!)

We’re mostly excited, a bit terrified, and as of right now I’m convinced it’s our last because going through morning sickness with 3 children (including at least one who will be in school) sounds absolutely terrible.

But really, we’re thrilled to (potentially) complete our family, and are honored and blessed that we were chosen to be parents to another sweet babe. We can’t wait to meet you, little one!

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