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    Currently | February 2017

    February 2017

    PACKING | nothing right now! But I am starting to make a packing list for our trip next month, because I’m crazy like that. And I”m just so excited!!

    JONESING | for…… I had to actually google this to make sure I’m using it the right way. And I’m still not certain I am 😉 But I’m definitely wanting this snow to GO AWAY. Please come soon, spring.

    TEXTING | a friend about what food we should make for our Super Bowl party! And by party I mean it’s just our two families, but still, it deserves a good menu. Because when else you can eat all the appetizers??!

    READING | Choose Joy by Sara Frankl. I am loving it so far, and it goes along so perfectly with what I’ve been thinking about recently.

    HEARTING | these double hoodies. I mean, really! This whole boutique is really just the best, and if you use my referral link (click here!) and create an account, you can get 10% off your first purchase.


    The past week or so have been a little tiring, which I’ll talk about below, since it has to do with kids, but other than that I’m doing pretty well. Last week was kind of a bust as far as all my daily goals go, but this week I’m doing better. Progress, not perfection, remember? 😉

    FAMILY |

    Eliza just learned how to walk and climb and it’s been a bit of a nightmare, to be honest. If we’re upstairs all she wants to do is climb on top of our kitchen table, so I can’t leave her alone for a second. Even if she’s strapped in her high chair she can manage to finagle out and climb on to the table.  If we’re downstairs, Eliza has no interest in playing with any toys and is always climbing on the couch, and then onto the end table. And just in general touching all the things she shouldn’t and ignoring all the things she can touch. Man, alive. Abe has started to take real interest in going potty on the toilet, but every time I go into the bathroom with him, Eliza is trying to get in the toilet, or climb in the bathtub. So, that’s been my life and I’m hoping this stage doesn’t last long. It’s also been non-stop snow here in Idaho. We got 20 inches last week from Sunday-Wednesday, and Kyle even had a snow day on Tuesday. So we’ve been stuck inside, since Abe’s also had a cold. We’re going stir-crazy!

    But… Other than that, we’re doing well! We just found out that we’re going to have a house-guest for a few months, starting in a week or two, through the end of May. One of the girls I mentor at church (I work primarily with the 16-17 year olds) is moving in with us! Her dad got a new job, and the family is moving across the state, but she only has 4 months left of her senior year! So we offered her our guest bedroom and bathroom. I won’t be sharing too much about her, to protect her privacy, but I’ll call her Dee, and you might occasionally mention her in forth-coming posts.

    GOALS |

    1. Finish the online class I’m taking (I’ll share more about that later, probably).
    2. Start our new cash budget (and be successful).
    3. Clean out downstairs bedroom in preparation for Dee to move in.

    Linking up with Anne and Erin.