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    Bible Origami

    Little hands often want to be kept busy, even during a quiet church service. That’s why I love Todd Huisken’s new book, Bible Origami. Todd has come up with 24 designs inspired by Bible events and stories, to quiet keep little hands busy, while teaching them a new skill, as well as little facts about the Bible.

    This was such a fun book to look through! I used to love doing origami, and I’m excited to have a reason to pick it up again 😉 You can, of course, keep this in your church bag, but it’s also a fun activity to do with your kids any time! You could create a little lesson out of it (reading a specific Bible story and then create the origami design that goes along with it) or just break it out on a cold, cooped up day. It will be a lot of fun to teach Abe (and Eliza) some of these designs when he (they) get(s) a little older. This would also be a great gift for any children in your life, and their parents, too 😉 I know my nephews would love it especially. So pick it up today! You’ll love it.

    (Please note that it does not come with paper to use. It is just the design instructions.)

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