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    Lip Care 101

    Does anyone else have perpetually dry lips? Or hate the feel of dry lips? For years and years I constantly carried chapstick around with me – Burts Bees was my favorite, of course. My friends and family knew I loved it so much that I was always getting them as birthday and Christmas presents, and I didn’t mind, not one bit! I have always hated the feeling of dried lips — so much so that if I feel like my lips are dry, I can’t think about or focus on anything else. And no matter how much chapstick I used, I was still constantly feeling like I had dry lips. I still had to use chapstick multiple times a day, and it was annoying.

    Luckily, with the help of a few products, gone are the days of smearing on chapstick multiple times a day! I know there are probably many out there like me who suffer from dry lips, so I thought I’d share with you my favorite products to combat dry lips, and how I use them. I hope it helps you!

    Lip Care 101

    First up, LipSense. I know, I know. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a full LipSense review (you can read my full review on LipSense here, if you’re interested) but it has been instrumental on combating dry lips, so I have to include it. I’ve been using LipSense since October of last year, and it really has helped my lips a lot. I have 15 colors now, and I love them. On the days I’m not wearing color, I swipe on some gloss (I have Glossy and Bougainvillea) and I’m good to go. LipSense wasn’t a cure-all for me, but it helped immensely. I did try the Lip Balm, too, but I was disappointed. It wasn’t life changing like most people said. I much prefer using the Glossy Gloss if my lips are feeling dry, and I find that the gloss, as opposed to the lip balm, keep my lips hydrated longer.

    Next up, ELF Lip Exfoliator. Not only does this exfoliate your lips, but it’s perfect for getting any residue LipSense off. I generally use this at night when I’m taking my make-up off, before I stick on the next product I’m going to talk about. It’s gentle, yet effective, and so easy to use. Plus, it’s cheap!

    Lip Care 101

    Lastly, and this is my newest find, we have Rodan & Fields REDEFINE Lip Renewing Serum. And guys, this is the miracle I have been searching for. It’s basically what I was hoping the LipSense Lip Balm would be. At night, you place the smallest amount of this amazing stuff on your lips after you’ve cleaned them, and that’s it. It’s thick, like a gloss, and gradually sinks in to your lips during the night. It retails for $56, and has 60 capsules, but each capsule lasts me 3-4 nights, so it will last you a long time.

    I got my Lip Renewing Serum from my sweet friend Chelsea. I’ve literally known her my whole life, and a few months ago she messaged me, asking if she could add me to her VIP group where she was having a sale. I was instantly drawn to the Lip Renewing Serum (dry lips, remember?) and she offered me a discount in exchange for a little post, which I happily agreed to! Since using the Lip Renewing Serum, I’ve noticed such a difference in my lips — they are constantly hydrated and I don’t have to gloss or put lip balm on near as much. There wasn’t the hugest difference in the look of my lips, but they feel so amazing and soft.

    I’d highly recommend the Lip Renewing Serum if any of you have trouble with dry lips (or any other skin problems – Rodan and Fields has something for everyone!). Feel free to message Chelsea on Facebook and she’ll take care of you. She’s even offered to give a 20% off discount if you mention my name.

    I hope this helped any of you with dry lips! I’d love to hear how you combat dry lips, too, so share away in the comments! 🙂