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Florida 2017 | Days 4, 5 & 9 (The Lazy Days)

In case you missed it days 1-3 are here and days 6-8 are here

Today I’m doing a quick post about our lazy days while we were in Florida, as well as the day we flew home. We opted to have two slower days in the middle of our trip, because we didn’t want to tire out our kids too much during our 9 days. We’re so glad we did this! It was nice to relax a little bit and recharge from our two busy days at Sea World and Magic Kingdom, and gear up for our days at Universal.

Thursday we had tickets for a Braves spring training game at the Wide World of Sports. The Braves are Kyle’s favorite MLB team, and since they train in Orlando, it was perfect! I knew as soon as we booked our trip we had to go to a game. We had a fun time at the game, and enjoyed the fact that the weather had finally warmed up! The rest of the day we spent resting at our rental, and then had dinner at Cracker Barrel.

Florida 2017

Florida 2017

Florida 2017

Friday we took the kids to a nearby park. We played and ate a picnic lunch, and just enjoyed being outside. After the kids went down for naps, my dad, Steven and I went to the outlets for some shopping, while Kyle stayed and watched basketball. Did I mention that our vacation fell during the first four days of March Madness? Thank goodness for a rental home with cable!

Florida 2017

As you know, we then spent three days at Universal, and then it was time to go home!

Tuesday morning we woke up (not-quite-as-early-as-we-should-have), got ready and packed up our things, and left to the airport. We returned our rental van, and then booked it to the ticketing and baggage counter to find the longest line EVER. It was awful. Terrible. We finally made it to the front of the line about 15 minutes before our flight was supposed to leave. The (ornery) lady at the desk informed us our baggage wouldn’t make it on the flight, and would be put onto the flight at 12:30 pm, would we like to switch to stand-by for that flight? We guessed we would, and so a 3 hour wait in the airport was born. It was not what we expected at all, but it is what it is. We got onto the flight, flew to Denver, and found out the next flight was full. Luckily we were in the front of the line for tickets, and they decided there were 3 seats left and gave us our tickets just in time for family boarding. Overall, not the best way to travel, but it wasn’t too terrible either. Our kids, once again, did great on the flights. All of our flights went so well, hallelujah!

And so, that’s our trip. We made it back to Salt Lake around 5:30 pm, where my father-in-law picked us up and took us back to his place (and where we stayed for a few more days). We feel so blessed and lucky that we were able to make this trip work. It was so much fun, and we loved spending 2 weeks straight together. I love my little family and I loved our trip. Hooray for Florida and family vacations!

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  • Okay… those swings are freaking amazing and genius! I want them in my backyard! Soooo much better than standing there for half an hour pushing the kids! I’m so so so glad that you’re family had such a wonderful vacation. It sounds like you truly planned it perfectly with taking breaks, having resort days, spending time with family on the back end, etc. What amazing memories for all of you!

    • Aren’t they awesome?! We loved them! And thank you! We really did have such a fun time 🙂

  • I saw swings like that on my last trip to Florida, and they are so amazing! I wish my daughter wasn’t too big for them. 🙁