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Currently | June 2017


June, already?! This year has flown by. We’ve been enjoying consistent warm weather finallyย and have been trying to spend a lot of time outdoors each day. Our next door neighbors moved out this past month, and gifted us their swing set. My kids have loved having swings in our yard, and so have I! Our new neighbors moved in last week, and have a handful of young kids, so we’re excited to get to know them better throughout the coming months.

PLANNING | all of our summer activities. I’m a firm believer that if you don’t intentionally plan out your day life summer, it will just pass you by, and you’ll be left scratching your head wondering why you didn’t get anything done. Some of our plans include camping, my 10 year high school reunion, getting a membership to our local zoo (and using it often!), going kayaking, trying out our town’s new splash pad, and taking Abe to his first movie – Cars 3! We’re going to have a great summer, I can feel it.

WISHING | that Kyle had a normal schedule. To be fair, it’s usually not that bad, but occasionally he will have weeks full of late nights, which is a bummer. But most likely we’ll only have a little over a year left of this schedule and he’ll get back to a more regular 8-5 one, which will be great! He works so hard for our family, and I love him <3

LEARNING | that it’s up to me to create memories for my kids. I’m a less-than-stellar mom sometimes, but I’m trying to keep this little fact in mind. If I don’t want my kids to grow up thinking mom is always on her computer or phone, well, I need to not always be on my computer and phone! It’s so simple, so “duh”, but it’s still something that I think most moms need to learn – or at least remember.

BROWSING | Pinterest for some fun summer recipes. We recently got a grill and we want to use it all the time! If you have any good grilling and/or barbeque recipes, drop them below!

GOING | down to Logan, Utah on Saturday to visit some of our good friends. Tyler and Jana were in our church congregation when we lived up in Post Falls, and Tyler was also Kyle’s boss. Then we all migrated down south around the same time! We’ve seen them a couple of times since we moved, but the last time was a year ago, so we’re due for a visit. Plus we’re excited to see their new home.


I’m feeling pretty great lately. Most days I’m fairly productive, but of course I have a few off days, too. We’ve been in our home almost 2 years (what?!!) and I have such a good group of mom friends right now. During the summer our town’s school district offers free meals Monday-Friday for kids under 18, ย at various parks, so we’ve started to meet up at least once a week for those, which is so fun! Plus just having playdates and girls nights have been fun, too. I’m really feeling loved and involved and happy. Hooray!


D moved out over Memorial Day weekend, and we miss her! She graduated that Friday, and on Saturday we had a little graduation celebration at her grandparent’s farm. It was so sad to say goodbye, but we’re also glad she’s back at home with her parents!



Other than that, we’re not up to too much. Just enjoying the summer! My mom and sister are coming up next week, I’m getting my hair done soon, and I’m going to Momday Conf with my bestie. Then we’ve got Girls Camp and and my 10 year reunion, and hopefully some camping and boating. Plus just our basic things like picnics, playing in our yard, and going to the splash pad. Life is good, guys, so good.


  1. Go to the Temple.
  2. Start a habit of getting in my personal scripture study before getting out of bed.

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