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    Currently | July 2017


    So I meant to have this post go live last week while I was at Girls Camp, but I didn’t have time to finish and schedule it before I went, but oh well! I still want to share this month’s currently with you, and I’m going to publish it on the day it should have gone live — I hope that doesn’t confuse you 🙂 We’ve really been having such a fun summer!

    DOCUMENTING | everything from Girls Camp. It was such an amazing 4 days, and I can’t wait to share more about it with you! It’s so refreshing to be able to only focus on the Gospel and your relationship with God for a few days, and I came back feeling so renewed and revived.

    ACCOMPLISHING | putting my house back together after being gone for a week! Luckily my mom was in town to stay with my kids while I was gone, and so I came back to a pretty spotless house! But there’s still laundry and unpacking to be done, of course, and then just getting back into the routine of things.

    ENJOYING | my sweet kiddos. I fully enjoyed my break from them, but it’s so, so nice to be back. They are really just the sweetest things, my greatest blessings, and I love being their mom.

    READING | The Heirs by Susan Rieger, and I am loving it! It’s taken me a little longer to get through it than I thought it would, mostly because I was busy and then gone, but it’s fascinating. I’ve got a couple other great books on the docket, too, that I can’t wait to dive into!

    SPENDING | time nursing my poor mosquito bites. Fun fact about me: I am SO ALLERGIC to bug bites and stings, and this has been a terrible summer for them so far. Of course, camping is a prime time to get them, so I came home with a body full! Most of them are healed by now but I have one on my arm this is killing me!


    As mentioned above, I had a wonderful week at Girls Camp. It was so wonderful to spend time with my Heavenly Father, and really remember the “why” behind all I do in life. Life is so great right now, and I’m feeling good. The only things I really want to work on right now are my fitness goals, and to figure out a way to motivate myself, especially right now while it’s so dang hot! Overall, I’ve been doing great this summer, and it makes me happy 🙂

    FAMILY |

    We had a great June – and summer (so far)! In June we enjoyed a visit to the zoo, many play dates, I got my hair done, we enjoyed a fun neighborhood dinner, and we spent a weekend in Utah where I enjoyed a fun day at Momday with my best friend (a full post devoted to that is coming soon!), and we enjoyed boating with Kyle’s parents.

    There's Nobody Like You

    At our neighborhood dinner.


    Boating at Willard Bay State Park.

    We also had a wonderful Fourth of July! We went to the Inkom Candy Parade with a few of our good friends (a small town about 15 minutes south of us) and really enjoyed the small town feel. We’ll probably make it a tradition from here on out! My mom and sister were visiting, so we came home, and set up the little kiddie pool and sprinkler, and then enjoyed a BBQ and lit some fireworks. Since we live on a hill we’re able to see most of the fireworks from our city’s display, and Kyle and I enjoyed climbing on top of our roof to see them even better.


    On the parade route.


    Such cute friends!


    Me and my sweet friend, Chelsea. She’s the momma of the two kiddos in the above picture!


    Annalisa is another good friend of mine, and isn’t her baby the sweetest thing?!

    GOALS |

    1. Go to the Temple (for real this month — we even have a baby sitter set up already, yay!)
    2. Figure out a work out plan/goal that is going to work for me!
    3. Get back in a good routine of scriptures/prayers/work time/play time.

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