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    Currently | May 2017


    I’m always so excited to write out each month’s currently post, but once I sit down to type I feel like I get writer’s block. Strange, right? I just feel like I have so many great ideas to write about through the month and then, poof!, gone. Ha! Oh well, I’m still excited to share some of the things we’ve been up to currently with you, I hope you enjoy reading about what we’ve been doing this spring!

    BAKING | nothing, currently. I’ve gotta finish all my Easter candy, and then hop back on the healthy living train.

    LISTENING (TO) | Closer by The Chainsmokers. I’m a liiiitle bit obsessed with this song. Anybody else? I especially love this cover by Boyce Avenue and Sarah Hyland and of course any cover by Walk Off The Earth is gold. I’m also literally listening the Lego Movie version of Jurassic World soooo there’s that.

    LOVING | the new live-action Beauty and the Beast! I saw it on Saturday with D and I can’t stop thinking about it. I loved it so much and can’t wait to own it. I’m also really enjoying the series 13 Reasons Why on Netflix. Loving is a bit of s strong word, but it’s so fascinating and interesting. We just have 3 episodes left, and I also have the book it’s based on on hold at my library. I will probably write out my thoughts and feelings about the story once I’ve finished both the TV series and the book, so look for that in the coming couple of months.

    PLANTING | this years garden on Saturday! Er, I mean, Kyle is 😉 We’ll probably just plant the same things as last year: tomatoes, pumpkins, and some squash. We also want to plant raspberry bushes this year, and have cleared a little spot for them.

    REMEMBERING | this time of year 7 years ago. Our 7th anniversary is on Saturday, and it’s always such a fun time of year to reminisce about our wedding day. We’re celebrating on Friday night by going out to dinner and a show, and we’re excited!

    PERSONAL | April FLEW by. Like, I don’t even know what happened. I’ll go over more of what we did below when I talk about our family, but for me, personally, although it was great, I felt like I never was really able to catch my breath from our Florida trip (read about it here, here, and here). I was thinking things would slow down now that it’s May, but my planner tells me otherwise. I’m thinking “busy” is my new normal! I guess that’s life 😉 Overall, life has been really great, but I need to definitely make quiet time a priority, and get back to my new year’s resolutions and work on my PowerSheets. (Speaking of, have you seen the new Write The Word journals? I love them!)

    FAMILY | April was a blast. We spent a few days down in Utah for my best friend’s wedding, had lots of play dates, and a few girls nights, I got a massage, and we had one other quick trip down to Utah for my best guy friend from high school’s wedding. Not to mention it was Easter, Kyle and I had more activities than normal with the youth we work with in our church, and Kyle had quite a few late nights. Kyle’s also been working on our yard, and we were gifted a swing set, that we have been able to use a few times (PLEASE WARM UP WEATHER!). Oh! And we also potty trained Abe!





    May will be busy for us, since D (the 17 year old girl that’s been living with us since February) graduates, so we have a lot of extra events because of that, which is fine and exciting! I’m also watching my friend’s two kids twice a week for the 4 weeks in May, which will bring a little extra fun into our lives.

    GOALS |

    1. Go on a date night for our anniversary. (This one is planned already!)
    2. Go somewhere fun with the kids weekly.
    3. Plan my lessons for the young women I mentor in my church more in advance.
    4. Get on track with our cash budget, yay!
    5. Start going on walks with the kids (at least once a week).

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