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    Currently | September 2017


    CELEBRATING | the fact that I got a gym membership today and that it’s September! The gym and fall are pretty much a recurring theme in this whole post sooooo sorry about that. It’s what’s on my mind, which is what this post is all about anyway, right?

    WATCHING | Zootopia, if we’re talking what I am literally watching right now 😉 Kyle and I are also working our way through Arrested Development again, because why not? We also just signed up for Hulu Live for football season, so we’re going to get all caught up on This Is Us, too. I’m still trying/wanting to catch up on Scandal and Grey’s and PLL, buttttttt, well, who has time for that these days? One day I’ll catch up on shows and read all the books. Maybe.

    WELCOMING | fall with open arms! I mean, it’s still in the 90s right now, but we can hope that it will cool down at least a little bit soon, right? I’m really ready to break out the leggings, booties and cardigans! Bring on the hot chocolate and all the beautiful fall colors.

    PREPARING | our new routine and schedule (I signed up for a gym today, hooray!) and I’m also prepping for a fun Friday night of making freezer meals! I’m getting together with a few of my friends for a girls night where we prepare 15 freezer meals, and I am stoked! Yep, I’m that person now, and I’m not even mad about it. I’m also wanting to get back in the swing of doing more meal prep on the weekends, which I’m also excited about. Just call me Suzy Homemaker 😉

    PHOTOGRAPHING | my kids all the time (on my phone, they’re great quality, ha!) because they are so freakin’ cute these days. And that’s really all. I’m no photographer!

    PERSONAL | I am doing great! Like I mentioned above, I’m excited for a new “back to school” routine, that includes going to the gym and getting back into the swing of things (especially as far as my cleaning schedule goes). Y’all know I’m a major planner, so I’m already planning stuff in October and I am determined to make this fall the best yet! I was also able to see two of my best friends from college this past weekend, which was so fun, and I spent a night with some of the youth I mentor in my church along with fellow leaders, learning more about key events in our history, which was really inspirational.



    FAMILY | August saw a lot of fun for our family including camping and kayaking, a visit from my BIL and his family, celebrating my birthday, and heading down to Utah to meet my newest little baby niece. We officially finished all items on our summer bucketlist, and I’m excited to get started on our fall one. Oh, and we also enjoyed the eclipse — Abe thought it was super cool and looked so cute with his special glasses.


    GOALS |

    1. Go to the gym 3x a week.

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