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Currently | August 2017


I think I’m in denial that it’s August! I mean, holy cow, where has this year even gone?! School starts this month, fall is just around the corner, and best of all – it’s my birthday month! I turn 28 on the 28th and am trying to convince Kyle that it’s my golden birthday and therefore a very big deal. I don’t think he’s buying it though, ha! We’re going to have a great month with camping, visiting family, and my birthday, so I’m looking forward to all August has to offer. And now… on to the things I’m currently up to this month.

SNACKING (ON) | some delicious chocolate and butterscotch chip cookies (with oatmeal!). My friend makes the best cookies, and I just got the recipe from her and holy cow, they are so freaking delicious! And also Little Caesars pizza. Kyle thinks I’m crazy but I legit love their pizza. It’s my favorite! You can go ahead and judge me and my ghetto taste buds. I understand 😉

ANTICIPATING | Kyle coming home on Saturday! He’s been at Scout Camp since Monday morning and while it hasn’t been too terrible to be without him (so far) it will be so nice to see him again! Until then though, I’m enjoying watching whatever I want on Netflix 😉 I (finally) A Year in the Life (sorry if you saw all my word vomit on Twitter) and have decided to catch up on Scandal. Good times, good times.

BORROWING | nothing that I can think of right now!

ADMIRING | people who have their -ish together when it comes to working out. Guys, I hate working out when my kids are around, but I know it’s probably something I just need to get over. I love the idea of joining a gym that has childcare in order to go to some group fitness classes but I also don’t want to shell out money. The struggle is real. Give me all your tips and thoughts below!

PURCHASING | some fun athletic wear from Athleta! I can’t wait to share my finds with you 🙂 I also picked up a couple of Christmas graphic tees for Kyle and I (You serious, Clark?) from Groopdealz and a striped 3/4 sleeve tunic from Jane. I know it’s only August, but when there’s a sale, there’s a sale 😉 Gotta be prepared for fall!


Things have been great! To be honest, I feel like I kind of hibernated in July, as far as play dates and grocery shopping goes. Sometimes I just like staying home with my kids, and taking care of things around the house! Plus it means I don’t have to worry about looking presentable, ha! And I mean, getting out of the house with two kids just takes a lot of energy sometimes, and I ain’t got no time for that when it’s hot. You feel me?

One thing that I was able to do a couple of weeks ago was go on an awesome girls weekend with some of my closest friends here in town. One of them turned 30, and we decided to party! We went out to dinner, stayed at a hotel (and stayed up wayyyy too late!), went hot tubbing, and spent the afternoon shopping together and getting lunch. It was so rejuvenating and relaxing, and I’m so grateful for good friends and for an awesome husband who encouraged me to go (and who took our kids to the zoo while I was gone! super dad!).




We enjoyed a fun 4th of July to start off the month (you can read about that in my July currently), I got to see my college best friend Sarah while she was in town from Kentucky, and Kyle and I enjoyed 2 (!!!) date nights without kids.  My mom also came to visit (twice) and we enjoyed going to a local baseball game the second time she was in town. We also got a new sectional for our basement family room, so that’s been a highlight for Kyle and I, ha! Our new niece Emmy was born, too, and we’re looking forward to meeting her over Labor Day weekend.


I’m also starting to follow the simple envelope budget from Jordan at Fun, Cheap, or Free. I love that she only has two “budgets” instead of one for gifts, one for clothes, one for fast food, etc. I think it will really help me streamline my spending, and my budget! Check it out if you’re looking for a new way to keep on top of your budget.


  1. Get back on track with my cleaning schedule.
  2. Figure out exercising and stuff. For real.

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  • I really like Little Caesar’s pizza too! It’s in the same shopping center as the Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins that I go to way too often. Not good for my halfhearted weight loss efforts for sure!

  • Ashley Ziegler

    I don’t know how people stick to working out. I haven’t been to the gym in two months and it makes me sad but I don’t like, LOVE going there either :/

    Now I need some cookies.

    • I’d definitely be going to group fitness classes…. Not just doing whatever people do at the gym ha!

  • Fun athletic wear always helps my exercise motivation. But a gym with childcare + classes you like is totally worth the $ in my opinion. And sometimes I secretly wish Peter would be gone for an evening so I can pick whatever I want on Netflix 🙂

    • Haha, I totally get that! 🙂 And yes! I think it will be worth it 🙂

  • Those cookies sound wonderful! I’m terrible about working out. It’s something I wish I prioritized, but I just don’t right now… I keep telling myself I will when my kids get older. We shall see…

  • I’d love to go to a gym with a daycare as well. But, we have a double stroller for running and our apartment complex has a 24 hour access small gym…so I can’t justify it. We also LOVE Little Ceasars! We used to get it every Thursday for lunch while we watched Devotional at BYU while we were dating!