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GBOMB | January 2018



Before we get too far into February, let’s go back and do a GBOMB for January! January was…. weird. It was long and short at the same time. I did a lot of things and also didn’t do a lot of things. I think the weather was confused the whole month, and so was I. But overall, it was a pretty good month, so let’s see what happened!


We started off the month (and year!) in Utah, spending time with friends and family.

I finally started feeling better, so I was able to do a lot more than I had done the last 3 months — stuff like laundry, cooking dinner, cleaning my house, etc. etc. It felt awesome to finally be able to be a homemaker again. And feel like the TV wasn’t raising my kids 😉

Similar to the above, I got ready, and got out of the house more than I had previously. The socializing felt good for my soul.

We went to Utah for a weekend, because my father-in-law was called, set apart, and ordained as a Patriarch in his stake. It was a really neat experience, and I’m glad we were able to be there for him.


Kyle was gone a lot. He was gone Tuesday-Thursday one week, and Sunday-Friday two weeks later. It wasn’t too terrible, and I know others have it worse, but it did wipe me out (especially being pregnant). Plus the week he was gone was when Abe decided to be in one of his “come out of my room every 2 minutes for an hour before I finally go to sleep” phases plus a “I want to sleep in your bed and will come in your room 2x or more a night” phase so I was even more tired than usual because I was taking care of all that solo. I didn’t really get the few hours to myself that I was looking forward to while Kyle was gone, because I was either taking Abe back to his room or sitting outside his door so he couldn’t come out all of the nights Kyle was gone, so my “me time” flew right out the window.

It just felt long. Mostly because of the above. It was long, guys.

A picture of me and my kids, just because.


I am really over this pregnancy, guys. I know it’s such a blessing, and I am so excited and thankful that this little baby is joining our family, but man. I’m really trying to soak up (and cherish) this pregnancy, as I think it’s my last, but it still doesn’t keep me from wanting to skip from now to about 37 weeks. I want to labor and I want to deliver and I want my baby.

Like I mentioned above, I am really thinking that this is my last pregnancy and child. I’ve always wanted a big family, but the older (and more experienced ;)) I get, the more I am comfortable with having less than originally planned. Kyle and I have always said we wanted 4, but more and more, I am feeling at peace with the idea of 3 children. This sweet baby #3 has always been coming — even right after Eliza was born I knew there was at least one more child waiting to come to our family. But this time I’m not feeling that way about another. I’m finding more and more ways that having 3 children makes sense to me, our family, our situation, my mental and physical health, etc. I feel relieved, too, that this could be the last one. I’m not going to say we are 100% done after this child, and any other children we end up having will be loved and welcomed and wanted, but for now, I’m feeling really good about baby #3 completing our family.

So there you have it. A little bit about our January. Now, on to February!

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