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    Don’t Let The Muggles Get You Down

    This post was sponsored by Athleta.

    Don't Let The Muggles Get You Down.

    I look at this picture, and all I see at first are my flaws.

    My arms are too big, look how white my shoulders are, are my hips really that big? Why am I partnering with an athletic clothing company when clearly I am overweight and have no business wearing fitted clothing at all? Why do I even think I have what it takes to follow my dreams?

    But then I get mad.

    Because why do I feel this way? What am I trying to do by picking myself apart? What am I trying to prove?

    There’s a little voice deep inside that likes to pick us apart, to make us feel like nothing. But I’m hear to tell you to kick that voice to the curb. Because who has the right to make you or I feel “less than”? I’ll tell you —- NOBODY. Not even that little voice inside of you. There is no reason I should be feeling this way. There is no reason you should be feeling this way, either. We are beautiful, even with, in fact, because of, our flaws. I am worth that partnership, because I have a voice and something to say. You can chase that lifelong dream of yours, because you are worth it and you can work for it and you have the tools to succeed.

    Girl, if you’re feeling like you aren’t enough, like you don’t have any right to chasing your dreams — you’re wrong. Because you ARE enough and you have EVERY RIGHT to chase your dreams, big or small. No one else’s opinion matters, just yours.

    And if your opinion of yourself is currently lacking, let’s change that. Let’s work together to encourage and empower each other.

    So today I’m encouraging you — do something that you’ve always wanted to do, and see how you thrive. See how you succeed. Don’t let fear hold you back. Say “yes” to that promotion, go on that road trip, start that new business.

    Decide now that you’re worth it.

    And don’t let the Muggles get you down.

    Many thanks to Athleta for sponsoring today’s post. Athleta’s mission is to “ignite a community of active, healthy, confident women and girls who empower each other to realize their limitless potential”. Isn’t that amazing? Their quality clothing comfortable and is so versatile – from going to the gym, to running errands, to spending time at home, their clothing will be there for you. I’m proud to partner with them today to empower all you women out there, to tell you you’re worth it, to encourage you to follow your dreams. We can achieve great things. We can become the woman we want to be. So get out there, and make it happen. And don’t ever forget that I believe in you.