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A New Car Seat

With 2 toddlers 19 months apart, and planning on at least another child soon, we’ve got car seats, car seats, car seats on the brain! The only brand of car seats that we’ve purchased with both kids is Graco. Our car seat/stroller combo is Graco, our two current convertible car seats are Graco, and we just purchased a new car seat that is, you guessed it, Graco, as well.

A New Car Seat

I’ve always been a fan of Graco products – it’s what my mom used with me and my sister – and so when we were picking out our original infant seat when I was pregnant with Abe, it was the first brand I looked at. Graco consistently has great prices and great quality, not to mention they have great safety ratings, too.

The new car seat we picked out is the SlimFit All-in-One and I am really excited about it! It’s both a rear and forward facing (with 5 point harness) car seat as well as a high backed booster, too. Abe will be ready for the high backed booster seat in a year or two,  so we’ll be ready when he is! I also love that this seat is slimmer than other car seats (hence it’s name!) making it easier to fit multiple car seats in a car, as well as making it less bulky for travel.

A New Car Seat

I snagged our seat off of, and picked the 2 day shipping option. I ordered on Monday, and it showed up on Wednesday, which was amazing! You can also request to pick up your order in store, if that suits you better. Abe was so so excited to get his new car seat, he couldn’t wait to help me open it! And as soon as we opened it he had to test it out, right on our kitchen floor 🙂 He specifically requested a photo on the box, and of course his sister had to follow suit 😉


If you’re looking for a new car seat for your little, but don’t want to break the bank, make sure to check out Graco products! They really are great quality at great prices, and we’ve been happy with all of the car seats we’ve bought from them.

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