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    My Happiness List | Mommy Style Monday

    Happy Monday, Friends, and Happy August! As you know, very so often I love to be sign up for Mommy Style Monday. I haven’t been able to sign up every time, but Kiana and Madeline have decided to run it once a month, so I am planning on joining in most (if not every) time now! A little background in case you’re new: Mommy Style Monday was created by Kiana and Madeline to showcase how different mommas have different styles, not only in clothing and fashion, but in the way they parent, create, and, well, just everything! We join together to share and celebrate those differences together, and to get ideas from other moms, as well! If you want to join us, you can sign up on Kiana or Madeline’s blogs (see links at the bottom of the post!).

    Happiness List

    Today’s prompt was to make a Happiness List (and share it, of course!). Kiana has been listening to the book The Happiness Project, and came up with the idea for us to all create our own Happiness List. It’s not a list of what is currently making you happy, but more of a long-term what-would-make-you-happier list. Of course, by making this list, we’re not saying our life is terrible now, it’s just a sort of recognition of things that would make us happier, things we can work towards to make our happiness even greater.

    So! Onto my list. I’m going to guess that many of you would have some similar items on yours 🙂

    1. Keeping a cleaner home. I try to do this, guys, I do. But it can be hard to keep on top of, when right after breakfast or lunch kids are under my feet or asking me to read them a book, or we have to get ready quickly to get to an appointment — and so, the mess gets left. I think it’s part of life with young kids,

    2. Exercising regularly. I know I would feel better if I did this. I’d feel better physically, and I’d feel better mentally. I’d feel better about myself as a person, as a body. I’m going to check out Gold’s Gym this week or next, I think, and see if that is what it will take for me to get my butt in shape (literally and figuratively 😉 ) .

    3. Having kids that sleep through the night. I think this one should be pretty self-explanatory, right? One day I will sleep through the night again, right?!

    I meant to have a few more items, but I’ve been having a few technical issues, and so I’m just going to publish this post now. I might revisit this idea in the future, though! I’d love to hear what would be on your happiness list, so feel free to drop me a comment below! And don’t forget to check out the lovely ladies below to see what’s on their happiness lists!

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