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    Just A Little Update

    Just A Little Update

    It’s been a little quiet here on the blog and my other social media accounts. July is absolutely insane for us, which is great as far as memory making goes, but not so great for this little space of mine. As you already know, we spent the first week of July at Lake Tahoe with all of Kyle’s family. We had such a blast! We got home late on Saturday night, and only had one full day together before another crazy week started.

    Kyle and I both work with the youth in our church congregation, and this past week was camp for both the boys and the girls! Kyle was gone camping with his boys Monday-Saturday, and I was camping with my girls Wednesday-Friday. My mom came up on Monday in order to help me out — not only by trying to get my house in some semblance of order (remember, we had just gotten back from our vacation Saturday night, and K left on Monday at 6 am), but also to watch the kids while K and I were both gone. We all had a great time at our respective activities, but man alive, did it feel good to be home together on Saturday afternoon.

    This week is a tiny bit more normal. Kyle went back to work today, and it’s a regular day for me at home with the kids. However, my dad and Steven fly in tomorrow, and will be staying with us through Sunday. I am so, so excited for them to come! They haven’t met Eliza yet, and they haven’t seen our house, so it will just be a good time together. K is going to take a day off later this week and we’ll take a day trip to Yellowstone, since Steven has never been, and it’s been years for my dad!

    So while we’ll be having a great time this week, we still won’t be on a regular schedule, which means there won’t be much time (if any) scheduled in for my little blog. My editorial calendar is bursting with ideas for posts, but sometimes there is just no time to sit and write. Which is ok! But I do miss it and the connections and interactions I have with you.

    I hope you all are having a fantastic  and fun-filled summer. <3